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New dimension of international education in Kraków

It has only been half a year since Cracow International School, an international primary school and kindergarten, has appeared on market, educating children in a bilingual way, in line with world-recognised Cambridge Primary programme. And it already seems that CIS will stay for a longer time on the list of top bilingual schools and kindergartens. Admissions are open not only for the upcoming school year, but already for September 2020, too.


Why is it that the school has so much interest from clients? What makes it different from its competitors?



First of all, the word 'international' in the name of the school has not been put there by accident. The management of CIS created a truly international community of students, teachers and assistants. Around 60% of students come from abroad, including such countries as: India, Cameroon, Vietnam, New Zealand, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, or Turkey. Classes are conducted not only by Polish teachers who speak fluent English, but also by a native English speaker from the UK. Moreover, students are supported by interns and volunteers from all over the world. In the first semester only the school hosted assistants from Australia, UK, India, Turkey, Italy, or Azerbejan.



This, in turn, allowed for rall immersion in the language, which, in such conditions, becomes not only a language of instruction as such, but also a natural means of communication between CIS community members English is also a language of instruction during aftercare time, and during extracurricular classes, such as: chess, robotics, swimming, detective club, or martial arts. School library has hundreds of books in Polish and in English, and books adjusted to students' age can be found in classroom libraries, too.



An important factor is also the pedagogical staff who take care of the educatinal development of the children. CIS teachers are experienced professionals, ready to take up challenges in an international environment, fluent in English, and ready to implement modern teaching techniques and active methods into their teaching repertoire. CIS pedagogical staff are people focused on professional development. This is facilitated by numerous workshops, e.g. in sensory arts, Klanza method, Sherborne developmental movement, elements of Montessori pedagogy, effective communication with children, NVC, as well as workshops in terms of Cambridge Primary programme. The skills and knowledge gained during workshops are later implemented during classes with students.



Hand in hand with teachers, there is a psychologist and a pedagogue who watch over children's development. Students can participate in speech therapy, corrective or compensation classes, and sensory integration classes. The psychologist and the pedagogue participate in classes and everyday activities of students, providing everyday support to children, teachers, and - if need be - parents.


An exceptional asset of Cracow International School is its location. On the one hand, it provided effortless communication opportunities for those travelling by car, by providing spacious parking lots just by the school entranc. On the other hand, it is convenient for those using public transport, too, as there is a bus stop located just a few hundred meters from the school building. What stuns the most, though, is the omnipresent greenery of the 5 hectacres' garden surrounding the school building. This green oasis provides space for a safe and spacious playground, for outdoor classes, a beach volleyball pitch, as well as a place for bonfires. The garden, together with its richness of flora and fauna, provides an excellent base for outdoor classes within Primary Science, allowing children to observe nature. And during the day, you can see squirells playing on trees just behind classroom windows!



All this makes Cracow International School a place which seems to answer the needs of even the most demanding parents. The rapid development of the school, and the high school which is being open in September 2019 at CIS campus, make Cracow International School a choice definitely worth considering. The principal of the school is happy to meet all interested clients and to provide comprehensive information on how CIS functions in practice. Therefore, why not sign in for an information meeting right now?




  ul. Sokołowskiego 19, Kraków 31-436,   

EN tel. 789 033 383


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